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HOT Right Hip Amputee Lady!!!

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LesRBest Publish time 2013-08-10 00:01:11

Russian girl, I believe, but this pic has been around many years.She did a vid taking a shower, nude, which is over 10 years old.I have vidcaps of her in the shower and she is stunning...hot body...beautiful breasts...with excellent close-up''s of her stump, or lack of it.I will post them here soon.

crab5mt Publish time 2013-08-10 03:54:14

Nice! Thank you.

LesRBest Publish time 2013-08-10 06:43:33

She went by the name of Katka, Russian I think.The captures are from a video that's at least 10 years old.You can see her scar deep down below the skin fold.I suppose the surgeon rolled some flesh around to allow some cushion for her hip bone when sitting and possibly make it easier for Katka to wear a leg.

But as you can see, Katka then had a stunning body.

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